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Cloud Assessment, Internet of Things Company

Problem Statement: In a 3-year period client grew to support 1/3 of the Fortune 1000, causing them to exceed limits of their application cloud.  COO and CFO engaged Hexaflex Strategies for comprehensive review.

Result: Clear understanding of technology and business risk facing organization and actionable plans.  Reduction in downtime and failures during application releases to zero.  New and modern cloud architecture with no single points of failure.

Interim CIO, Internet of Things Company

Problem Statement: CEO engaged Andrew and Hexaflex Strategies to lead Technology Organization and implement multi-year technology strategy defined during Platform Assessment.

Result: Rebuilt technology organization and mitigated all critical gaps to enable the launch of 3 innovative products into new markets, establish PCI Compliance and move from a Connected Hardware to Software Company.  Established Dev-Ops model and recruited full-time CIO/CTO to implement defined Strategy

HRIS Strategy, Multi-billion dollar Manufacturer

Problem Statement: Growth through acquisition strategy led to disparate systems and HRIS processes.  In addition to high cost, disparate processes were barrier to planned IPO.  Chief HR Officer and CIO engaged Hexaflex Strategies for HRIS Visioning and Strategy.

Result: Assessed HRIS Marketplace, surveyed internal resources and conducted Visioning Workshop for 60 key Company VPs and establish strategy.  Defined strategy led to successful FRI to vendors and internal project to implement HRIS across global organization.  Company successfully executed IPO.

Engineering Transformation, Cloud Service Provider

Problem Statement: Cloud provider lost strategic focus, market leadership and sales after being acquired by large Fortune 50 cable provider.  Engaged Hexaflex Strategies to lead Engineering Transformation to drive innovation.

Result: Defined next-generation application-driven Cloud Architecture to be flexible, secure and enable rapid deployment.  Implement Software Defined Network across across globe as move towards new Software Defined Data Center model--transformation featured in video case study by Cisco.

"Our company engaged Andrew and his firm Hexaflex Strategies, to assess our infrastructure, technology stack and IT and Development organizations. We found his assessment and recommendations insightful, on target and compelling. Accordingly, we extended his engagement to include a strategic initiative and transformation of our organization. His contributions were instrumental in defining and building the world-class infrastructure and team we needed to position our high-growth technology business for success as we continue our global expansion."

Kent Savage, CEO, Apex Supply Chain Technologies

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