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Strategy, Transformation, Innovation

Measurable Results

We solve our client's biggest strategic challenges!  Whether it is scaling the Application Cloud of an Internet of Things company, leading Engineering Transformation for a Fortune 50 Cloud Provider or implementing the technology organization at an innovative Bioscience start-up, our out-of-box thinking, structured approach and proven methodologies drive success!  Hexaflex Strategies is the brainchild of our founder Andrew Louie. 


Assess, Strategize, Transform

Our Big-4 consulting experience enables us to drive innovative out-of-box strategies, while our C-level operational leadership experience enables us to make it real for our clients.  Our proven methodologies drive results and enable:

  • Objective organization, process and technology reviews

  • Measurable Business and Technology Strategies

  • Organizational Transformation and Leadership


We love our clients!

We have decades of cross-industry experience in Biotech, Financial Services, Internet-of-things, Software & Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Creative amongst others.  We help startups through Fortune 50 companies adapt to major paradigm shifts in their businesses landscape and implement innovative technology strategies to enable leadership in a changing world.


Hexaflex Strategies was founded with the goal of enabling our clients to achieve greater levels of performance through innovative strategies and creative application of digital technologies.


Our professionals have decades of experience in Big-4 Strategic Management Consulting and operating at the Executive levels of Fortune 100 and Growth-oriented public companies.  We assist our clients by:


  • Offering Strategic Perspective on the Use of Digital Information Rooted in Strong Business Fundamentals

  • Transforming Businesses and Enabling Growth Through Strong Foundational Processes, Systems and Roadmaps

  • Enhancing the Strategic Planning Process through Innovative Ideas for New Markets and Disciplined Analysis

  • Establishing Risk Management Programs for our Enterprise and Growth-oriented Clients

We believe in a conscious and sustainable approach to business and offer strong partnership with our clients to transform themselves and exceed their strategic objectives. 


We are proud to be recognized by the Office of the Secretary of Defense as a Patriotic Employer.



Tel: 818-620-6457

Thousand Oaks | California | United States

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